Reversal of Aging in Humans

“Resistance training is the only technology thus far that has shown documented reversal of aging at the molecular level in humans. This is the bridge for the technological advances (in anti-aging) to come.” — Dr. Doug McGuff

Another video here that was too good not to share. This time from Dr. Doug McGuff, an emergency room physician and expert/author on evidence-based exercise.

In this talk, he discusses the science of “health-span” and how brief infrequent high-intensity exercise can dramatically improve your health and foster a lifetime of flourishing.

A couple key takeaways:

It’s Never too Late. The turnaround happens rapidly. If you just get your physical exercise in the ballpark, your body knows what to do with it.

This is a picture of leg muscle from a 92-year-old male — from bed-ridden to independent living in 12 weeks.

You don’t need to start flipping a tractor tire and beating it with a sledgehammer. That may get you conditioned, but it may also get you hurt.

These 3–5 exercises can cover just about all the musculature in your body. It’s no coincidence that these look identical to the Big 3 and Big 5 offered at Quantify Fitness.

For the first time in human history, we have documented the reversal of aging in a human subject. Dr. Simon Melov identified 179 genes related to aging that reverted back to youthful levels of expression from 26 weeks of strength training. This was based on a strength increase of 50%, which pales in comparison to strength increases that occur at Quantify Fitness.

Why doesn’t everyone know about or get excited about this? It requires effort and discipline and a lot of people don’t want that. Deep fatigue (with corresponding discomfort) is the workout stimulus that makes the adaptations in your body occur.

The 10 Biomarkers of Health. Resistance training addresses all 10 biomarkers and all are linked to your skeletal muscle mass and function. Skeletal muscle is our largest endocrine/immunogenic organ.



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