Lifting Weights for Older Adults

It’s no surprise that lifting heavy weights is important for young people and athletes, but it turns out heavier is better for older adults as well.

Lifting heavy weight produces changes in gene expression associated with vascular remodeling, insulin and blood sugar control, and blood pressure regulation. These positive changes are actually more pronounced in older adults than younger adults.

arx for older adults

The challenge, however, is that strength training gets riskier as the weights get heavier, especially for those in older age brackets. Fortunately, there is a technology that permits anyone to safely lift the heaviest weight they can lift without undermining their joints and risking injury in the process.

Not only is ARX safe, but it is also significantly more effective than traditional strength training.

And resistance training is not only about your strength and muscles — it is also the best thing for your heart and bones.

arx vs weights

Another study was recently published by Western Colorado University comparing ARX to traditional weight lifting.

The Weight Lifting group and the ARX group both made improvements over the 12-week randomized control study, however…

  • The ARX group saw about 2X the strength gains of the Weight Lifting group.

You can find the full study here.



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