I’m Already in Great Shape So Why Would I Quantify?

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2 min readApr 5, 2022

This is Amie. 47-years old. One of our trainers. When she started at Quantify Fitness in 2018, she was already in great shape. She had to be convinced to reduce her training because she worked hard for years, training hours a day to be at a healthy 28% body fat with 100 pounds of muscle and 5 pounds of bone.

Fast-forward to today:

  • Her body fat has dropped from 28% to 20%
  • She added over 16 pounds of muscle
  • She added 1 pound of bone
  • Her metabolic age has remained the same (32-years old) even though her chronological age has gone up over 3 years (47 years old) — 15 years younger — the fountain of youth!
  • Her strength on ARX, which was already relatively high when she started, has more than doubled. Her leg press concentric max (positive) is 1,600lbs and her eccentric max (negative) is 2,500lbs. Her total output is approaching 12,000 lbs in 2.5 minutes. Insane!
  • She’s also constantly on the CAR.O.L global leaderboard for Peak Power and Octane Score — a proxy for VO2 Max (aerobic capacity/cardiovascular fitness) — out of thousands of riders worldwide.

How did she do it?

  • She exercised for less than one hour a week using the most efficient and effective exercise equipment on the planet.
  1. She averaged under 20-minutes a week of strength training on ARX
  2. Less than 20-minutes a week on CAR.O.L (1–2 rides)
  3. One ride a week on Vasper
  4. and uses the Sunlighten Sauna

Now you know why we call the combo of ARX, CAR.O.L, Vasper, and Sunlighten Sauna the FITNESS FORMULA.

Data over dogma. Exercise smarter.



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