Goodbye Decision Fatigue 👋🤯

The more decisions you have to make every day, the more tired and less productive your brain gets — also known as decision fatigue. This is why Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day.

Decision fatigue drains willpower and is likely a reason so many people avoid working out.

It definitely doesn’t help there’s an exhausting list of different ways to exercise — some more effective than others. 😉

You have to decide on things like:

  • Strength train or cardio?
  • What exercises to do?
  • How much exercise to do?
  • When is it time to increase the difficulty?
  • How long should I spend recovering between workouts?

The good news is you don’t have to think about any of that at Quantify Fitness!

Whether you do the 10-minutes a week Big 3 Workout or go all-in with the Fitness Formula, let us help you free your mind 🧠 and say goodbye to decision fatigue! 👋🤯

P.S. We can set you up on a recurring appointment so you won’t even have to decide when to exercise!

That’s one more healthy habit — with exponential benefits — you can check off your list!

Not to mention a regular exercise routine gives you more energy over time, making you even more resilient to decision fatigue!

P.P.S. Download our mobile app to easily schedule on the go!



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